Gecof offers its customers the highest possible price for the property that makes customize.

To this end, on the occasion of each new initiative accords with the architects of its staff the different solutions and select directly coordinated some assortments of materials suitable for the type of project environments. All categories of processes and of elements used are to be involved in this process.


The choice of flooring ranges from ceramics to cooked handmade, the finest parquet, teak, oak and so on.

The taste of the customer is free to express themselves in their own environments enhance their host in comfort.


Coatings, sanitary fittings and are selected from the most prestigious brands.

The great quality of a house stands in these environments where maximum comfort and relaxation of living in the home.


Depending on the nature of the building is the prerogative of Gecof perform interventions filologici in which, from time to time,

is established the wood essence to use for the realization of the fixtures.

It ranges dall’hemlock, okumè, chestnut, fir, and pine for windows and blinds.

For interior doors, the company selected a wide range of doors in chestnut, lacquer etc …

Particular attention is devoted to the safety of environments, respecting the nature of the interventions,

it proposes the inclusion of reinforced doors or gates and iron grilles.


Still with a view to recovery philological, simultaneously with each structure is identified

the material and the construction type to be used for the construction of interior floors, ranging from mixed wood and terracotta tiles made by hand, to the mixed wood and steel.


The stairs is a structure that strongly characterizes a residence, where present.

Attention is paid to the choice of materials to the correct executive who must integrate every time the spaces in which it is inserted.

Gecof provides a variety of scales, from the traditional to the most innovative that integrate seamlessly into the environment in which it operates mainly respecting the choices of customers.


The painting of an environment has the feature to make it perceptually different according to various shades harmonized

with the decor and that’s why Gecof offers the opportunity to study the maximum customization of each room according to the client’s.