Gecof Construction

GECOF was founded in 1998, the activity is oriented to the realization of unique residences through the acquisition, restoration and functional turnkey recovery of historic buildings by splitting them into lodgings of considerable dimensional and qualitative characteristics, with particular regard to the common areas that strongly characterize the various interventions. Through the experience gained in over twenty years of activity and the support of technicians and professionals of great preparation and sensitivity, GECOF stands out in the construction sector for the marked research of high quality materials that distinguish and guarantee used throughout the entire production process the excellence of the final housing product. Thanks to the know-how achieved over the years, GECOF is positioned in a high-end market segment; the choices are aimed at constant improvement, investing continuously in the search for materials and new construction technologies.

In 2017 GECOF has diversified its core business by investing also in the hospitality sector.

Thanks to the partnership with a Florentine company, already active in the hospitality sector, a 4-star  boutique hotel “The Frame Hotel” was built, a few steps from the Duomo and immersed in the quadrilateral of fashion and culture in Florence.


Villa Erbaia



Solidity in the structure from every point of view, economic, technical and organizational maintaining a family


The projects are suitable and as far as possible be adapted to customer needs. The Gecof is committed to always finding solutions that more closely to customer requirements


A highly specialized team form the working group to serve the customer. The personalization of the relationship is the prerogative of Gecof


Certainty of the result, to see their ideas become reality even in the most complex; certainty in seeing their investments valued over time. Certainty is the tranquility of the Customer