The quality of living dwelling part also from the materials used for the construction and their assembly.

In particular for all those technical and technological such as acoustics, defense against humidity, heat insulation and various components that ensure the achievement of a high comfort.

That’s why Gecof pays particular attention to the entire production process, from design to the choice of materials and construction, with an ongoing commitment to finding tricks and cutting edge of new technologies and improvements.


For the control and improvement of airborne noise of partitions, elastic materials are used in vibration felt placed as a base of the walls in order in solidarity; to muffle the noise of falling water flow and drain Pre-insulated pipes are used of the type silent desolidarizzandole the points of contact with the masonry by means of special brackets and rubber rings; to ensure compliance with the regulatory limit of sound reduction index of the partition walls are made of double brick walls pierced or poroton plastered internally with acoustic insulation panel.


To control the impact noise, facilities are performed with floating floors consist of screed resting on a suitable layer of elastic material in lead or felt with band reversal, this solution enables compliance with the regulatory limit for the normalized level of impact sound; to optimize the sound isolation offered windows, laminated glasses are used, made from sheets of glass bonded together by the interposition of a damping layer, also the fixtures are made so as to optimize the tightness of beats against the infiltration of outside air.


Particular attention is paid to thermal insulation of roofs through the installation of panels in glass wool suitable thickness type “Isover”. For the isolation of the thermal bridges a.c. Used panels are replaced by wood wool fir wool bound with high strength concrete.


Particular attention is paid to the choice of the type of the heating of large housing estates subject to recovery of historic buildings also following the requirement imposed by the Superintendency BAP with which he is asked to hold a few units in the chimneys on the roofs whose excessive presence would distort the appearance of the entire property.

Hence the decision to build a gas central heating systems and through appropriate systems of decentralization, to distribute heat to every housing unit with modules that allow users counting calories used.


In order to soluzionare problems due to humidity are made to the plans land properly ventilated attics like “Cupolex” or similar prior excavation of land. As regards the plaster the same are realized in lime with materials of the “Kerakoll” or similar. To prevent rising damp on the walls of an old building in stone and / or brick, they are made counter walls and plaster used wet strength. The coloring is done with the use of lime-based products or xiloxani.


There is growing demand in the home automation installation of electrical systems by customers. The systems are developed at the request of customers using the technology “bticino”.