Ex Tabaccaia

The Project

The “Tobacconist”, founded as an industrial factory, used for processing tobacco (drying, grinding and storage), whose construction dates back to the first decades of the twentieth century. An impressive complex built two-story, with vertical structures consist partly of stone masonry with brick and appeals in the masonry of brick only. The horizontal structures are made up of wooden floors and a wooden trusses: a cathedral manufacturing industry, the building is reminiscent, in fact, the sacred architecture. It has a T plan, where they are recognizable a pavilion front place along the access road, and a body 3 naves, with the side of lower height than the central one. In 2004 work began regarding the restructuring of the entire building complex from which we obtained no 16 residential units “loft” as well as in common areas and garage. The project also provided for the construction of a swimming pool, gardens and a fitness center with changing rooms and toilets and space relaxation with bath turco.I works were completed at the end at the end of 2005.




Borgo San Lorenzo